Don’t blame Rafa, blame Liverpool’s ‘stars’

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If a team does poorly, or as is the case in modern-day football, fails to entertain, the blame falls on the manager. That sounds right until you consider that if those bloody millionaires running aimlessly on the pitch had followed instructions, and if the opposition had turned around and grabbed their ankles as asked, the team would be 50-0 up by half-time.

We got a laugh out of Paul Doyle’s riff on Liverpool’s performance at Villa Park but to be fair to Rafa, it wasn’t a bad result. Villa finished 6th last season and if you remove the hype that surrounds teams at the top of the pile in England, the 4th placed team drawing away from home to the 6th place team is an acceptable result and hardly cause for drawing knives.

And if anyone is to blame, it’s the overpaid stars on the pitch who haven’t been able to follow Rafa’s instructions, or the injuries to Torres and Gerrard, or the fact that new signings take time settle in, or that Rafa doesn’t have his first-choice left-sided player in nor his second-choice player for that matter.

Fire Rafa?

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