Donald Trump Arrest Odds: 67% Chance of Being Pepper Sprayed

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rsz 126298078 donaldtrump 3

A grand jury is resuming the proceedings in the criminal investigation of former President of the United States Donald Trump, and over the weekend, the man himself said that he expects to be indicted early this week.

The case regarding Trump and his hush money paid to adult film star Stormy Daniels has all signs indicating that he will be arrested. According to the oddsmakers, it is no longer a question of if or when, but how.

67% Chance That Donald Trump Is Pepper Sprayed During Arrest

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You can bet on the location that Trump’s arrest takes place. The odds are that he will be at his personal residence, and that is the leader at -300. The other likely place to find the former President is on the golf course, which is another option, coming in at +300.

Turning himself in is equally likely, as “Police Station” is listed at +300 as well. There is an entirely different standalone prop as well, asking whether he turns himself in. “No” comes in at -500, while “Yes” is +300.

To Happen First Odds Play
Trump Gets Pepper Sprayed -200 BetOnline logo
Trump Gets Tased +150 BetOnline logo


One of the more interesting betting options is in regard to pepper spray and tasers. There is no option to wager on whether either will happen, but which one of them will happen first. An uncooperative Trump is what we might get when the arrest actually happens, and the odds are -200 that he gets pepper sprayed first. Use of taser comes in at a not-so-distant +150.

What Will Trump Be Wearing For His Arrest?

There are odds for what he will be wearing, as well. One of the props with the most extensive list of options is what color tie Trump will be wearing upon arrest. The red ensemble that he is known for is the favorite at -200, with blue coming in at +200, and yellow at +400.

MAGA Hat During Arrest Odds Play
No -500 BetOnline logo
Yes +300 BetOnline logo


Will he be wearing a MAGA hat when he is finally cuffed? +300 says yes.

There are plenty of other political betting options at, many of which involve Trump, his family, and his tweets. Depending on what happens this week with the investigation and potential arrest, there could be even more lines and spreads about what happens next.

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