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Does Shinawatra even care about Manchester City?



Manchester City are being thrashed in the press because of Thaksin Shinawatra – and as long as the owner keeps silent about what’s going on and the financial situation surrounding the club, he’s going to keep getting thrashed.

A billionaire taking out 30m loans against future TV earnings to manage operations is clearly suffering from severe cash flow restrictions. It’s not as if he’s going to dip into his personal fortune (I’m sure he has millions stashed away that no one knows about) to fund a business – that would be risking his own money. Much easier to burden the club (sorry, the business) under more debt, right?

The best Shinawatra can do – for City’s sake at least – is to talk to the press and reassure them about City’s financial position. It might just be a matter of time before he gets his assets back but if that doesn’t happen, what’s he going to do with City?