Does Cristiano Ronaldo Want To Stay At Manchester United?

This is a question people dare not ask in the wake of recent rumours linking Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid:

“What if Ronaldo REALLY wants to leave Manchester United?”

Any self-respecting football fan would know two things almost immediately after hearing the news:

1. The news is exaggerated.

2. Villar Mir is going to pursue this further.

It’s interesting to compare what the Marca article says (links at the end) with what we know of Ronaldo from his time at Old Trafford.

We know that he is like his Brazilian namesake in many ways – he is ambitious, arrogant, thrives on attention and is at his best when his ego is challenged or if the fans get behind him. He is, like the Brazilian, moody and not always a team player. He wants the team to be shaped around him – possible if you are a world-class striker, but not if you are a good (very, very good) winger.

I think Ronaldo will stay, mainly because:

1. Madrid will be clearing house this summer, and if players like Ronaldo go out, will Cristiano really want to go there? Plus his place is already taken by Becks (unless they sell him too). So either he has to fight for his place with Becks, Becks will be sold (like Figo was for Becks) or he will play in a central attacking role (not good enough for it).

2. United offer him a better chance at winning than Madrid does – both domestically and in Europe.

3. Read this article, and pay close attention to the comments of Pedro de Felipe about Villar Mir. While nothing is black and white in the media, it’s another indication that there is little truth to Villar’s statements.

What do you guys think? Does Ronaldo want to leave or stay?

The original Marca article can be found here:

Cristiano Ronaldo: I want to play in Real Madrid (Spanish version).

English Translation:

Cristiano Ronaldo – I want to play for Real Madrid (Google Translate).

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