Does anyone care about the SuperLiga?

With the finals of the SuperLiga fast approaching, I found myself asking the question of if anyone cares? The Mexican teams are more concerned with their own league, and the MLS teams are more concerned with the playoff run that is about to take place throughout the league. So what was the point of this tournament?

My guess is that the MLS is so worried about becoming a “legitimate” league on the world scene that it had to create a tournament to try and “harvest” the rivalvry that has been brewing between Mexico and the US for years now. In all honesty, who cares? The American fans are not concerned with the Mexican League, and if they can beat the MLS teams. However on the flip side it has been huge for the growing Mexican immigrant population that is present in the US. Futuristic thinking on the part of the MLS?

From the view of the American soccer fan there is more of an anticipation to watch Chelsea battle the All-Stars of the MLS than to see the Houston Dynamo take on Chivas de Guadalajara on a Thursday night. Watching world class football is great, especially in the US, but this just isn’t “world class”. There is no pride for winning this tournament yet, maybe this will change, maybe it won’t. Time will tell.

For those interested the LA Galaxy take on Pachuca Wednesday night in Los Angeles. If Beckham and Donovan play LA has a chance, but if they don’t then Pachuca will take home the $1 million dollar prize.

But does anyone care?

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