Do Chelsea need Robben?

Over at Blue Champions, BC has a good writeup on Robben’s worth to Chelsea.

The BBC report also says that we are claiming 15 million pounds and Real are ready to pay only 12. Even at 15 million poounds, I feel Chelsea is underselling a great prospect. He is just 23-year old, has not yet peaked in his career and is a great talent. His constant injury niggles must have had an influence to the price being discussed. For Chelsea, apart from the 04-05 season, we couldn’t see much of him at a longer periods of time.

See, I’m a great fan of Robben and would be sad to see him go. But if I have to see objectively, the output Chelsea got from Robben and SWP (you know, I’m not a great fan of him!) , there wasn’t too much difference, if you adjust the goals, assists & shots to the playing minutes. The Robben effect on our game and results has been diminishing over the last three seasons, I’ve to admit. If you think, I’m seeing Robben this way because, he seems to be on his way out, well, in a way you’re right.

To see all the stats and a more detailed analysis of Robben’s contribution to Chelsea’s cause in the last 3 seasons, read the original post:

How indispensible is Robben for Chelsea?

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