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Dirk Kuyt Liverpool HD wallpaper – SirDylan



A mega-sized wallpaper coming at you from Sir Dylan, a designer hailing from the famous sportsgfx community. The wallpaper looks great, but what’s cooler about it is the resolution: 1920×1080. That’s a lot of pixels to fill, so the task wasn’t easy for the designer.

The wallpaper is pretty simple, has a random texture in the background but it doesn’t disturb too much. The circles look good, but there isn’t too much work around the render. The text looks nice, and the Liverpool shirt really pops in this wallpaper. I like the outline around Dirk Kuyt, it adds a nice outline to the football shirt.

Overall it’s a well-designed football wallpaper, a good effort on such a big canvas from the artist.  The dutchman does deserve some praise, he works hard every match.

To download and see it in detail, click the image below:

Kirk Kuyt Wallpaper Liverpool
Kirk Kuyt Wallpaper Liverpool

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