Didier Drogba hates Chelsea

That’s funny, he’s been at Chelsea for 3 seasons and only now has the bitter taste in his mouth finally made him speak out. We know that Drogba wasn’t very pleased with the departure of manager Jose Mourinho from Chelsea and since weeping in the corner isn’t going to bring him back, it looks like Didier’s planning to go after him.

In a recent DVD released in France, called the ‘The Incredible Destiny of Didier Drogba’, he speaks out about his move to Chelsea and how he hoped and prayed that his ₤24 million move from Marseilles would fall through.

“I was disgusted. I realised that signing for Chelsea was disgusting. It’s hard to explain,”

Not really, most of us see where he’s coming from.

“It’s hard to understand because most of all, people see the financial side, or even the sporting side. But I simply wasn’t happy.”

“I even did some things that were almost absurd, in order not to go to Chelsea, such as during the medical…Going to the hospital in Paris, I was praying they would find a problem with my knee, or a problem with anything so the move would collapse.”

Yet he didn’t go as far as shooting himself in the foot. You have to want it enough man!

Anyways, it looks like dear Didi’s time is running out fast at Chelsea. Going to the highest bidder!

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