Del Piero to Manchester United?

Disclaimer: I don’t have the source for this (apart from a mention on the BBC site, which quotes The Sun), so don’t flame me if this didn’t actually happen 🙂

He’s old, he’s probably slow and he’s too short to be an effective threat in the Premiership. More than Sheva (who is younger and taller), Alessandro Del Piero would have been hailed as a flop and an embarrasment waiting to happen even before he would have started a game for Manchester United.

Here’s what (I think) happened: Del Piero’s agent, in an effort to get the Juve board to a) pay his client more and/or b) agree to the players’ demands to buy ‘world class’ players, has been promoting Del Piero is an ideal player for the Premiership. He’s managed to do that by showing that Manchester United were interested in signing Del Piero last summer – a claim I find hard to believe, but at least more believable and palatable than us signing Trezeguet (I’ll explain why in a sec). What I’m surprised is that no one has picked this story up so far (apart from the BBC, who, like I said, are quoting The Sun, although I can’t find it on The Sun site anywhere)…

Who would you rather have playing for Manchester United? Del Piero or Trezeguet?

Trezeguet may be a clinical striker and all that, but honestly, when you consider the star appeal and model professionalism of someone like Del Piero, it really is hard to look anywhere else. He would have been the perfect sub, hell, he’s the sort of player who would have been played at Southend or Copenhagen or Celtic Park or Upton Park and won us those games. He could have changed the games against Arsenal, maybe even Chelsea.

Trez? he would have missed, moped, and Ferguson would have been blasted for blowing his transfer budget on a non-performing striker (Mourinho can atleast point at Roman when Sheva fails).

Del Piero is a big-match player, he would have thrived playing for Manchester United.

I have just two questions – one, is he fast enough, and two, can he still come?

I’d rather have Del Piero or Klose coming in next summer than a young hotshot for 30 mil. Let’s stop the big buying and get in players we can count on. We already have the ‘young hotsots’ in Rossi and Rooney.

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