Dealing with rising ticket prices

I think we can all agree that:

  1. Ticket prices are getting higher and therefore farther out of the reach of the common fan.
  2. Matchday revenues form a major component of a club’s income, and despite the age of takeovers clubs need money to be competitive in football, Premiership or otherwise.

The idea is to find viable alternatives for clubs to make money while still keeping football accessible for fans.

I’ll go first:

Option #1

Allow standing sections in football grounds and charge less for them – more revenues (as more people can fit into the stadium) plus more people will be able to afford tickets.

Standing sections, if built with proper security guidelines and managed correctly, are NOT dangerous. Studies have been conducted in this area that support this conclusion.

Option #2

Clubs should develop alternative sources of revenue – to some it may seem untraditional that football clubs should be dealing with anything other than football, but the mark of long-term financial success is diversification in your revenue sources.

It’s your turn – how do you think the issue of rising ticket prices can be solved?

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