David Villa Or Fernando Torres? Who would you pick?

Seems to be that these two are being compared to each other constantly, always linked with moves to the Premiership. We’ve looked at both players and what they have to offer – read up and then offer your views (and pick) in the comments.

David Villa is often linked with Chelsea (beginning of last season and this summer) and ever since Rafa was given the millions that he now has at his disposal, Liverpool have been linked as a very suitable place for Villa to go to (because of Rafa’s obvious preference for Spanish players, and also the fact that he is one of the best strikers in the world, which is what Liverpool are looking for) .

Fernando Torres has been recognized as a player with huge potential ever since he became Atletico’s captain at the age of 19. But many still regard him as having great potential, while others believe that he is now one of the world’s top strikers. I am one of those people; he’s fast, strong, good at heading, scores goals and gets involved in the build-up play. Torres has been linked with Manchester United for two summers in a row, but year after year he outlines his loyalty to making Atletico one of the top teams in

I actually quite like Atletico and think that they have a good team, but somehow they under perform every year, and Torres has still never realised his dream of getting into the champions league (I just can’t see it happening with Atletico) .

I’d say within two years he will be in the champions league, probably with an English team, as he is unlikely to go to another Spanish team, and I can’t see him going to any Italian team, which leaves us with any of the top four, although he isn’t as frequently linked with Chelsea anymore and Arsenal seem to have no money at all after building the Emirates, which leaves you with Liverpool and Manchester United, who both are looking for strikers, and I’d put Torres in the top 15 strikers, possibly top 10.

David Villa seemed to come from nowhere to become one of the top strikers in the world. I remember two years ago reading in a magazine that Liverpool were interested in him, when he was at Real Zaragoza, and I had absolutely no idea who he was, I think it was just after he had a wonderful season scoring over 15 goals (which for Zaragoza, who weren’t great back then, was a good record), and apparently he was available for around 8 million.

Instead they signed Peter Crouch for 7 million when Crouch obviously just had a good run of form and he was never Liverpool quality, and so Villa moved to Valencia, and from then he has proved himself to be one of the deadliest strikers in the world, again he has pace, he’s good at shooting, and he gets into good positions.

This summer he is widely expected to move to the Premiership (if he moves at all) and Chelsea or Liverpool seem his likely destinations, but I think that Villa being linked with Chelsea is just paper talk, because of three things:

  1. Chelsea don’t seem likely to spend big
  2. They just brought in Pizzaro, and although Pizzaro seems to be fairly average, they should have enough strikers now
  3. And I think that Shevchenko will be given another year in the team

But Liverpool would be a good team for him, and Kuyt and Villa would probably work well(or even better Tevez and Villa) and Rafa apparently has the money to spend so everything seems to point to Liverpool.

In terms of finishing ability, Villa has proved he is better, as last year he finished joint top scorer in the league, scoring 23 goals (I think) whereas in contrast, Torres has never scored more than 15 league goals. This could be down to the teams they play for, but I think most people would agree Villa is a better goalscorer.

In my opinion they are both pretty close in terms of speed and dribbling ability. And they both are fairly skillful, Villa having the edge in technical ability while Torres has the edge in aerial duels..

As I am a Manchester United supporter I would prefer to have Torres, as he fits our style of play better, but overall I think David Villa is the better striker (although he is likely to cost a lot more).

What do you guys think?

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