David Villa – Chelsea or Liverpool?

David Villa has been repeatedly linked with Liverpool in recent weeks with Rafa’s long-term interest in the Valencia striker making for good transfer chatter.

Then there were rumours that Chelsea went for Villa last summer but weren’t willing to pay the asking price.

When it comes down to it, where do you think David Villa will / could go – Chelsea or Liverpool?

First up, I don’t think Villa will move in January. Any move for him will be in the summer, when he’s sure of his Champions League future and when clubs have more money to blow on a striker.

Chelsea and Villa

Chelsea don’t have space for Villa just yet – Drogba is not leaving, and unless Villa is willing to sit on the bench and rotate patiently with Shevchenko and Kalou (or just Sheva if Kalou is sent out on loan), there’s little chance Villa would want to move to the cushy bench of Chelsea (unless Valencia don’t qualify for the Champions League).

So – for Chelsea to grab Villa, one of the following has to happen:

  • Sheva has to be sold
  • Kalou sent out on loan
  • Valencia don’t qualify for next season’s Champions League

If none of the above happens – Villa is effectively playing 3rd choice at Chelsea. Don’t know if he’d be ok with that, especially at this stage of his career.

Villa’s finishing makes him a prime target and he seems fast enough to play in the Premiership (AND he’s just 25), so it’s not too far fetched to see Chelsea move for him (unless they move for Torres).

Liverpool and Villa

With Liverpool Villa is definitely going to have more chances to get games unless he flops spectacularly (although seeing how well Garcia and Alonso adapted to Rafa’s Liverpool, there’s little chance of Villa going bad). The Spanish influence at Anfield will help, as will the takeover and financial muscle that can pay Valencia’s asking fee as well as high wages to counter any offers from Chelsea.

For Liverpool to move for Villa, Crouch will probably be sold, and Robbie Fowler done away with. Don’t know how Bellamy and Kuyt will deal with playing second fiddle to Villa, but the addition of such a proven finisher to Liverpool’s ranks will help them a LOT in getting the goals they’ve always seemed to lack when challenging for top honours in the Premiership.

Final Verdict

Not this January. Summer? Probably, but I’d be surprised if he moved to Chelsea, and considering the high transfer fee Valencia are asking, surprised if Liverpool jump for him. David Villa, for all the speculation, could end up in Italy or stay in Spain, it’s all possible, and ironically, it could all depend on how badly Shevchenko does for the second half of the season.

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