David Villa Barcelona Wallpaper – Klau

A great David Villa wallpaper made by Klau. David Villa has skyrocketed in popularity after the world cup and after his move to Barcelona. This football wallpaper shows the spaniard wearing the famous Barcelona shirt, for the new season.

The overall look of the wallpaper is great, oozing with sentiments of glory, class, and greatness. It’s very desaturated and coloured by the golden lights all around. It looks like a classic, and that’s what Klau tried to portray with the design.

I wish it was a full body picture used for the wallpaper, because then we’d get to see his adiZero football boots as well, and it wouldn’t be so cut off either.

The text could do with a makeover, it doesn’t stand out enough, but then again, it’s not intrusive either. The wallpaper is 1280×1024, but it’s on a black background so it can be used for bigger resolutions too.

Download it by clicking the image below:

What do you think about it? Comments are always appreciated.

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