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Dani Alves to Chelsea is pretty scary



There are few players in world football today who would a) go to Chelsea and b) improve Chelsea at the same time.

Dani Alves is one of them, and thinking about him putting on the Blues shirt worries me.

Dani Alves is everything Manchester City fans wish Micah Richards was but isn’t. He is the defensive equivalent of Kaka, so much so that in Chelsea he may well be put on the right flank ahead of Essien manning right-back. The beauty of versatile players like Essien and Dani Alves is that you can plug them in anywhere on the pitch and they will deliver for you.

Malouda, Pizzaro, Ben Haim and Sidwell – none of those four names will worry opposing managers next summer. But Dani Alves could, and if he moves to Chelsea, he will give Mourinho another match-winner – another player he can throw on the pitch to change the result in Chelsea’s favour.

If you looked at Arsenal or Liverpool last season, they didn’t have such players to bail them out (apart from Crouch) – when injuries hit them or morale fell, those sides stumbled.

United had everyone playing full-tilt but when injuries hit they too stumbled at a key juncture.

Chelsea and United will have their benches ready next season, and it points to a very exciting football season.

So, will Alves come to Chelsea? And if he does, what sort of an impact would he have on their title chances? Have your say in the Soccerlens forum.