Cisse’s leg breaks Liverpool’s transfer plans

If the man’s injury had not been so horrific (I’ve seen the pictures) this would have been quite funny.

Benitez has gone on record to say that “It’s really unfortunate for him but it’s true it’s now impossible for him to be sold.”

Cisse, in case anyone remembers, was frighteningly quick and effective before his first injury in October 2004. His recovery amazed a lot of people, but his form has dipped – perhaps because of the injury but also because of the system Liverpool play in (that doesn’t allow him to be one of two strikers up front).

Cisse has been widely tipped to be sold this summer, with Marseille and Lyon both in the hunt. The injury would cut short any transfer interest immediately, as the French striker is now tipped to return in November. Considering that’s already suffered such an injury to his other leg, his abilities as a striker will be seriously under question (not to mention his career, which could very well be over).

Here are the full quotes:

“There are two issues here,” Benitez told the Liverpool Echo. “Firstly, from the player’s point of view I’m really sorry for Djibril. That’s important. It’s really unfortunate for him but it’s true it’s now impossible for him to be sold.

“We were expecting to sell him to Marseille or Lyon and planned using the money for other players. We were talking to both clubs.

“Now we won’t have this money. We won’t expect him to play again until November or December.”

Still – now that he is inured and not expected to return till November, there is a case being made that Liverpool could stick with him and hopefully sell him off in January or the summer next year – at a lower price than they could have gotten this time though, as a striker with two broken legs does not exactly bear much confidence.

Benitez has insisted however that he will have no problems working with Cisse again – despite wanting to sell him off. I wonder what Cisse thinks (or will think, once he’s able to get his mind off the terrible tragedy that has happened to him).

“It was a professional decision and we were honest with Djibril,” added Benitez. “There will be no problem when he comes back.”

I think that’s just sweet talk.

More of concern now is the fact that Liverpool will have to dig deep into their pockets to secure a replacement striker – with United and Arsenal gunning for Chelsea, Liverpool don’t want to be left behind, not after the last two seasons which have been remarkably successful for them.

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