Chelsea’s Michael Essien – how much is he worth?

He was brought to Chelsea for 24.5m, and at the time a lot of people considered it to be the cost of doing business as Roman Abramovich’s latest pet project.

But as anyone who has seen Michael Essien’s performances last season can attest, he has justified his transfer price. As a young midfielder he will take over from Lampard as Chelsea’s heartbeat in the next two years and everything points towards him being a bigger and brighter star for Chelsea.

His all-round game is great – it’s to his credit that people judge his defending skills so harshly, or that they sometimes criticise his shooting accuracy. The former is not his business and the latter will improve as he plays more.

So the big question is – how much is Michael Essien worth? For me he’s more important to Chelsea than Drogba or Terry, and possibly Cech as well.

What do you guys think?

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