Chelsea’s financial figures more than welcome

Chelsea’s target to become self-sufficient by 2009/2010 still seems a tall order, but the fact that the club is moving in the right direction is a welcome and positive step, and it will do a lot to ease the concerns of fans and managers from other clubs.

Wenger’s quotes on the matter are quite interesting. He points out the imbalance that such money creates, but is honest enough to admit that Arsenal would not have refused such an offer and that if Chelsea are aiming for self-sufficiency then it’s a goal that must be respected (but that Chelsea were still based on Abramovich’s support until that happened).

As it usually is, Wenger has said nothing inflammatory or critical, but the spinmasters will definitely try to milk this as a shot off Chelsea’s bow. As it is, Chelsea, for all their faults, are moving in the right direction and even Kenyon’s massive paycheck should not detract from that achievement.

Quick questionshow much will Chelsea be worth in 2010 and how much would Roman have spent on it till then?

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