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You have to hand it to Mourinho.

The man comes out and neatly tells everyone who they are willing to sell and who they don’t want to sell. No fuss, no double-talk.

Gudjohnsen is now ‘available’, so is Crespo and that forgotten man, Carlton Cole. Seems like Jose is clearing out strikers in a bid to bring in fresh blood (Sheva, Tevez, etc). It’s still surprising that he’s letting Eidur go, because at the end of the day he’s also a striker and can be used as a third striker instead of having to buy someone new. But this is Mourinho and if Gudjohnsen comes to Utd it’s a bonus for us (although I doubt Mourinho will give him to a title rival), so let’s wait and see.

You can read the news item here

What’s interesting is that while the media is rife with rumors that Gallas and Crespo will be part of a 35 mil deal for Shevchenko, Mourinho is refusing to sell Gallas, and Milan don’t want Shev to go. I’ve got people telling me that Mourinho will end up selling Gallas to get a top-notch striker, but will he really compromise their defense in this way? Like it or not Gallas is a better defender than Carvalho, and plus JM has options other than Shevchenko – that and the fact that Chelsea could also get Sheva next year when he has only one year left in his contract.

Drogba apparently wants to leave – he’s the second Chelsea player who has taken offense to being called a diver but unlike Robben, who promised to clean up his act, Drogba has decided to try his luck elsewhere – maybe in Italy or Spain where theatrics are the norm? Mourinho doesnt want him to go, and with Chelsea’s buying power I dont think Mourinho will sell either Drogba or Gallas – they just dont need to.

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