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Chelsea – the heart and soul of football?



Recently Chelsea FC announced their partnership with Creative Artists Agency (CAA). CAA Sports will be assisting with the club’s branding, athlete marketing, touring, stadium development, and corporate partnership development, as well as Chelsea’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

Peter Kenyon:

“Together we can build on Chelsea’s global business reputation, its unique position as the only soccer club in the centre of London, our talent, and our desire to be seen also as a force for good in our local community and around the world.”

I like how he puts the spin on ‘the only soccer club in the centre of London’. Pretty soon it’ll be ‘Chelsea – the heart and soul of football’.

CAA are no mugs – they represent the best talent in the US – artists, actors, athletes. Heck, they’re in bed with David Beckham, so you can bet your bottom dollar that they know a thing or two about making a profit and promotion.

CAA Sports will apparently be tasked to do the following:

  • Help improve Chelsea’s image in football communities through events and processes (you can already see the impact of it in the statement Kenyon made)
  • Help promote Chelsea in the US through their network of contacts (more celebrity supporters?)
  • Help Chelsea make more money by tying up new partnerships

Howard Nuchow, CAA Sports co-head:

“Beyond their excellence on the field, Chelsea FC is renowned for its storied history, distinguished reputation, and passionate commitment to the community.”

Ok, so they’re making some of it up right from the start, but fake it till you make it, right?

On a serious note, congratulations to Chelsea, it’s a smart move to tie yourself up with a professional promotion agency, and if they can help humanise Chelsea, then whatever Abramovich is paying them will be worth it.