Chelsea should be praised for their resilience

In the last 3 and a half years, it’s been very easy to badmouth Chelsea. Obscene wealth (obscene being in the eye of the beholder) is cause enough for jealousy, and jealousy bears bitterness.

I don’t care how ‘rational’ your arguments are against Chelsea and their money – it’s nothing more than a railing against the inequality of wealth, where YOUR club lacks the funds necessary to compete with Chelsea.

This season has seen Chelsea combat with a number of injuries to critical personnel. Any other club and you would have sympathised with their plight, but Chelsea’s misery has been everyone’s cause for joy. Never mind that they have not gone into free-fall but instead held their own despite the injuries. Never mind that Chelsea are still in with a chance (remote, but still a chance) to win the title.

Wealth does not buy you resilience – only players and managers can give that to you, and Chelsea should be praised for the resilience they have shown in the face of adversity in the last few months.

Having said that, you guys still aren’t winning the title, so stop talking about it 🙂

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