How can Chelsea improve this summer?

As part of our 2006/2007 Premiership season-end review, here’s a look at how Chelsea’s season went. Read up, then offer your own ‘expert’ advice on how Chelsea can improve this summer.

  1. Pre-season expectations: To win the Premiership and the Champions League.
  2. Season evaluation: Fans point to the injuries and say that Chelsea did quite well despite them, but injuries were not responsible for Chelsea losing to Liverpool on penalties. The Premiership? Could one defender bought in January have helped? Could a more balanced squad / Sheva on form have helped? If you look hard enough, you’ll find excuses everywhere.
  3. The Big Negative: Team selection – picking Essien as a center-back when he should have been driving Chelsea forward from the midfield probably cost Chelsea a few points.
  4. The Big Positive: Chelsea’s fighting spirit. It gave out in the end but Chelsea couldn’t have done what they did without it.
  5. Summer Priority: Assuming that Mourinho, Terry and Lamps stay, Chelsea’s biggest priority will be to keep the squad balanced (one more central defender and a striker to cover for Drogba and Kalou during ANC) and keeping them fit.

Chelsea had a good season – 2 domestic trophies, 3rd champions league semifinal in 4 years and runners-up in the Premiership. They have the squad to mount a serious challenge for the Premiership and will definitely do so next term.

Now it’s your turn: How do you think Chelsea can improve this summer?

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