Chelsea Have Conveniently Forgotten Their Own Past Actions

How else would you explain this:

Chelsea are to ask FIFA to investigate an alleged illegal approach for Arjen Robben by Real Madrid.

First things first – Chelsea and Madrid are not the first clubs to try and tap up players. Madrid have done it before with other star players, Chelsea tried to do it (and might yet succeed, almost 18 months on) with Ashley Cole, they poached Robben and Obi Mikel, then there was this ‘chance meeting’ with Rio Ferdinand…

And have we forgotten how Rooney was picked up from Everton by United? No, Manchester United isn’t clean as well.

But the issue here is not about who has done something wrong. The issue is:

How can Chelsea be so hypocritical as to be charged with trying to ‘tap up’ Ashley Cole, and then cry foul when someone else tries to do it to them? Pot and Kettle, as Dixon would say.

Oh wait…now that they know they can’t get away with it, they feel no one else should have the right to either.

And they’re going to take it to FIFA.

The organisation that went in the 2006 World Cup to stamp out rash tackles and simulation, and came out with diving being raised to an art form, most recently by the Portuguese, the Italians and the Germans (and to an extent, the French as well).

Yea, FIFA will surely sort Madrid out. The same FIFA which wasn’t able to do jack about the Obi Mikel case, in which Chelsea paid off United to the tune of 12 million pounds?

Here’s the full statement by Chelsea in case anyone’s interested – given by Peter Kenyon. Calderon had stated earlier that Mijatovic had talked to Abramovich about Robben.

“We are aware of comments regarding Arjen made by Ramon Calderon, the new president of Real Madrid, since his successful election.”

“The Arjen Robben situation could not be any clearer.”

”There have been no meetings or conversations between the Real Madrid sporting director Predrag Mijatovic with any Chelsea officials, anyone mandated to act on Chelsea’s behalf or Roman Abramovich, about Arjen’s future.”

“Any indication that a transfer is possible is completely untrue. We will not be entertaining any offers for Arjen, he is not for sale.”

“Moreover, we note that Mr Calderon confirms that Real Madrid have spoken to Arjen. As a result of these various comments Chelsea will be writing to FIFA to ask them to investigate an illegal approach for our player by Real Madrid.”

At least this summer will be entertaining. Can’t wait for Capello to start at Madrid.

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