Chelsea boss Avram Grant receives late Christmas present

What does it say about the police when they sell their stories to the press?

On Tuesday, 19th February at around 12:15pm, Surrey Police were called to Chelsea’s training ground at Cobham after the staff received a package that contained, according to the police, anti-Semitic insults (did it call him a dirty Jew?) along with white powder that was tested and found to be harmless.

According the police (reliable to break the news first as always), the letter also included threats to the manager’s wife Tzofit, a well-known personality in Israel.

Expectedly, Chelsea Football Club have made no comment so far, although you can expect Grant to make some sort of statement to end the speculation.

Hopefully this isn’t a serious matter – I suspect that the police were called only because of the white powder and not because they were worried about the death threats. People in the public spotlight get abused and threatened more often than we think, and I doubt that this will have any impact on Chelsea’s preparations for the weekend (the Cobham training ground was ‘sealed’ yesterday, but then again the whole first-team squad was in Greece till today, so I doubt they would have been troubled too much).

For all we know, it’s either an early April Fools’ prank or a late Christmas gift (them Jews have a strange sense of humor, don’t they?). I kid, I kid…

The Beeb should update their ‘scoop’ soon, keep checking.

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