Do Mourinho’s rants serve any purpose?

I’m a Manchester United fan but I absolutely love Mourinho. Not because he’s a brilliant manager – he’s not – but because he gets on everyone’s nerves by spouting absurdly biased views and still manages to get the best out of his players.

So when Mourinho says that Manchester United are lucky to be top, it makes me laugh. When he says United’s win at Fulham was undeserved, it’s even funnier. When he talks about Giggsy’s goal againt Lille, you know he’s playing the media, and you know he’s laughing inside too at the stupid hacks who gobble up every word and use it to fill their column inches.

For my money Mourinho’s playing the media and he knows damn well that luck plays a role but not enough. We are far too quick to ascribe things to luck – the little things, the effort made in training and the cumulative experience of going through tough matches and situations for 2-3 years shows in crunch situations.

Now I’ve said this earlier, that Mourinho’s ramblings don’t put pressure on opposing players. All they do is draw attention to topics Mourinho wants people to focus on and plays the media.

I’d like to think that it’s a sly trick by Mourinho, because the alternative is that he’s one of those who refuses to take responsibility for his team’s troubles.

Do I expect too much?

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