Cesc Fabregas – superhero?

You know how everyone says that Cesc Fabregas is the greatest thing since sliced bread?

I never bought that – I always had him pegged as a flash-in-the-pan, over-hyped kid who couldn’t cut it on the big stage.

But then, step by step, game by game, Fabregas has converted me. And now I’m wondering if there’s any limit to what he can do. You see, it’s one thing to like football, it’s another thing to be accepted as a football genius. Similarly, it’s one thing to like Heroes (and their superpowers) – it’s another thing to actually be able to manipulate objects around you.

Have a look at what Cesc can do (courtesy of hidden cameras) – and ask yourself if he’s used his powers on a football pitch before. Makes me wonder what he’ll be able to do in the right clothes

The Cesc Fabregas show airs on Sky Sports One this coming Monday, May 19th, at 6.30 and 9.30pm (GMT).

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