Carlsberg’s Team Talk Ad

What was planned to be an inspirational ad for the nation of England, kind of turns out to be a bit too exaggerated with a bit too many of the English faces involved. Now, I couldn’t recognize all of them but here’s the list of people featured in this ad from Guardian:

Stuart “Psycho” Pearce, Trevor Brooking, Steve Redgrave (literally draped in the flag shouting “Do us proud!”), Kelly Holmes, Ellen MacArthur, Nigel Benn, Phil “the Power” Taylor (throwing a dart for no reason except to tell us who he is), a graffito of the late Bobby Robson… Then it really goes off the edge: some bloke breaking concrete with a flag, Carl Fogarty revving up a stationary motorbike, Jeff Stelling stripped to the waist and painted with a red crusader’s cross, Ian Botham in chain mail, the ghost of Bobby Moore and … an Actual. Roaring. Lion.

Paul Silburn of Saatchi & Saatchi describes this ad:

“We see this as an unique ad in that its target audience is just 11 men.”

“It’s our ambition,” he continues, “that the team will watch the ad and draw inspiration and motivation from it.”

Paul, it’s ok. We can see you went a bit overboard with that and I’m not going to say anything else but for more bashing of this ad, head over to Guardian’s review of the Carlsberg’s Team Talk.

Only if Carlsberg did team talks…

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