Carling Cup predictions: Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Newcastle

Manchester United were unceremoniously dumped by Southend, but there are still 6 Premiership teams in the last 8 and from the looks of it, an Arsenal v Chelsea final looks likely.

Here’s the draw (and predictions):

Tottenham v Southend: It’s an away tie so it’ll be tough for Southend. They got lucky against Manchester United and the only chance they’ll have in this game at White Hart Lane will be that Tottenham will be fighting hard in the Premiership and may not give so much attention to the tie.

Still, a lot will depend on Tottenham’s form and who they play before and after Southend.

Prediction: Tottenham to win.

Liverpool v Arsenal: On the basis of yesterday’s result, Arsenal won’t mind traveling to The Kop and taking Liverpool on. Having said that, both sides will know that the 3-0 scoreline won’t mean a thing when they meet a month later.

You’d fancy Arsenal to win this, and I think they’ll edge it, but at home Liverpool are very strong and aren’t as afraid to go forward either. League position and form will matter as well – Liverpool may be totally out of the title race by that point, making the cups their top priority, while Arsenal dare not lose any more games this season if they want their shot at the title.

Prediction: Liverpool wins – if only so that we can ridicule them for celebrating another ‘nothing’ trophy. Arsenal? dunno really, they have the class, but will they show it on the day?

Newcastle v Chelsea: A no-brainer if there ever was one. Chelsea will rip Newcastle into shreds. Even though Chelsea have shown themselves to be vulnerable this season, Newcastle are far worse when it comes to consistency and you wouldn’t want to bet on them winning any game now, especially with Ameobi out.

Prediction: Chelsea wins, even if I hope that Newcastle edge it.

Charlton v Wycombe: Should I bother? No offense to either side, but anyone who wins this can easily be beaten by the other semi-finalists (unless they are paired with Southend if they manage to beat Tottenham, and even then whoever wins it will lose in the final).

Prediction: Charlton, but only because they have to win sometime.

All games are set to be played in the week commencing 18 December.

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