Carling Cup paints a bright future for Arsenal and Chelsea

A look at Sheva and Baptista, and what they mean for Chelsea and Arsenal

Yes, it was Wycombe, and if he was really that good he should have buried 10 chances, not 2.

But Sheva’s 2 goals were not important – it was Mourinho’s comments after the game where he praised Sheva’s attitude on the pitch and commitment to Chelsea’s cause.

It’s entertaining to think that Mourinho has a grudge against Shevchenko (a la Ferguson), and it’s quite possible that he does. But there’s a simpler explanation – Sheva hasn’t (till the semi-final) played the way Mourinho wants his players to play – he hadn’t fit into the system.

Will he now? There’s a good chance that his brace against Wycome will give him the confidence to play the ‘team game’ against Premiership opposition, and hopefully, Chelsea will be able to ‘pull together’ and not give the media more chances to publish nonsense.

Some people said that it takes players a lot of time to settle in the Premiership. Julio Baptista took 6 months, why not Sheva? Problem with Sheva is that he cost 30 mil and that he’s 29, and at his age (and value) you can’t wait 6 months, one year for the player to start perfoming.

Sheva will get more stick, but the corner definitely has been turned and you’ll see him doing better for Chelsea now.

Not so much that they gain points on Manchester United though…

Why is Baptista at Arsenal?

And not at any other Premiership club?

Or for that matter, why isn’t Capello playing Baptista at the Bernabeau? Surely he would be better than Ronaldo and Cassano, or as good as Raul and Ruud and Robinho?

Seeing Gallas at Arsenal doesn’t worry me. Seeing van Persie or Denilson at Arsenal doesn’t worry me.

But as a Manchester United fan, it’s seeing players like Baptista at Arsenal that really bothers me. This guy is a phenomenal player; you only need to watch him play once, both his movements off the ball and his touches on the ball, to figure that out. If Arsenal end up signing him permanently, he will be a key factor in anything that they win.

Then again, if Real Madrid are willing to pay cash for Reyes, maybe Manchester United can swoop in and pick him off. Fat chance though, knowing Wenger’s eye for talent.

If it came down to money, United may edge Arsenal out, but it’s not always about the money, and United will probably have to look elsewhere.

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