Capello has 170 players to pick from for England – is that enough?

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A study conducted by BBC revealed that only 170 English players started Premier League matches this past season. It was a six year low in terms of English Premier League starters which will disappoint the Premier League given that last year’s number was a five year high.

Given this piece of news, the FA will welcome Sepp Blatter’s proposal to impose the “six plus five” rule which claims that every team must start the game with at least 6 home grown players and a maximum of five foreigners. However England manager was not so gloomy. He thinks that it is quality, not quantity that counts.

“But more important is quality – the level of the player. At the moment the total is 34% but the level is high.

“The work being done in the academies is very important. We probably have to change the system of training for young players.

“At Under-21, and younger national teams, we have a lot of good players.” Said Capello when asked about the issue.

But he did stress that he would like to have more players to choose from next season adding that it would be better for the game: “For the future, I hope next season is not 34% but 40%. It will be better for me and England football.”

Despite this rather optimistic view from the Italian boss, the BBC took a more realist view and remained readers that England’s upcoming matches will be against the likes of the United States and Trinidad and Tobago rather than against the likes of France and, more ominously, Portugal.

[Source: BBC]

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