Cannavaro and Emerson to Real Madrid – The party has just begun

If you’re not a Real Madrid hater (more common than I had thought), the news of Cannavaro moving to Real Madrid would have filled you with expectations and hope for the Spanish League.

With Kaka and Nistelrooy due to join, and Zambrotta holding Madrid as his second choice after AC Milan, the Calderon & Capello revolution is well and truly on.

Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Fabio Cannavaro, David Beckham, Emerson, Robinho…already this team looks different, with an air of ‘completeness’ around them. Don’t forget that Woodgate, England’s injury wreck, plus players like Guti and Raul are in the squad as well. Ronaldo’s knee might be crocked, but add Kaka and Nistelrooy to the above list and it starts looking very ominous.

Capello had said earlier that they would be looking to sign 6 to 7 players, with an emphasis on replacing the defence and the midfield. Cannavaro and Emerson are the first two, and Nistelrooy and Kaka are part of the list as well. But who else will be joining Madrid?

Future Madrid Signings

Ruud van Nistelrooy – the deal is done, with only the exact amount being haggled over. Real are believed to have offer 10 mil, Manchester United want 15.

Kaka – He’s wanted to play for Madrid forever, and a big deal worth 25 to 30 mil will see him move to the Bernabeau. He would be, along with Cannavaro, Capello’s best buy of the summer.

Sabrosa / Ronaldo / Robben (left wing) – Madrid need a player who can player well down the left wing. Calderon had targeted Robben, while Ronaldo himself has stated that he would like to play for Madrid. Madrid could end up playing Kaka from there, but the young Brazilian plays best in his traditional Milan role tucked in behind the strikers and Capello knows that.

Zambrotta / Ashley Cole (left back) – Cicinho is good, but Roberto Carlos is moving on and Madrid need a top-quality player in the position. They are, outside of Italy, the lead club to sign Zambrotta. Ashley Cole is a possibility as well, but not that good. Remember, Madrid already tried to move for Heinze.

These four signings will bring the total to six, and you wouldn’t expect Madrid to want to sign any more players…perhaps another player who could play as defender and midfielder (in the O’Shea mould), but apart from that their squad looks pretty complete.

Real Madrid Squads

Present Squad

GK – Casillas
RB – Salgado
CBs – Cannavaro and Ramos
LB – Cicinho
RM – Beckham
CMs – Emerson and Baptista
LM – Guti
STs – Robinho and Raul

Future Squad (after above signings

GK – Casillas
RB – Salgado
CBs – Cannavaro and Ramos / Woodgate
LB – Zambrotta
RM – Beckham
CMs – Emerson / Guti and Kaka
LM – Robben
STs – Nistelrooy and Raul / Robinho

You think they could beat Barca with that squad?

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