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Can Sam Allardyce save Blackburn from relegation?



Blackburn fans seem like a realistic lot (although I’m comparing them with Newcastle fans hence they seem downright rational), so I don’t expect them to start thinking that Big Sam can lead them straight into the Champions League in the next couple of years or anything silly like that.

The question is though, now that he’s promptly replaced Paul Ince in the managerial hot seat, if he can save this weakened squad from relegation? In terms of tactics and man-management he’s heads, shoulders, elbows and kneecaps above Ince, so here’s to hoping that a couple of astute signings in January and some ‘drag-them-across-the-line-by-their-balls’ enforcement for the rest of the season will see Blackburn stay up at, say, City or Newcastle or Sunderland’s expense.

So what do Blackburn fans think? Can Allardyce save the team, and if yes, what must he do to save them?