Can Rooney replace Scholes / Best Manchester United formation?

Two new articles on the Man Utd blog (red rants) today – one discussing the merits of Wayne Rooney adopting the playmaker role at Manchester United and the other discussing likely playing formations next season (based on this summer’s expected transfer activity by Manchester United).

1. Can Rooney replace Scholes?

We desperately need a good attacking midfielder to replace Scholes. I don’t think a lot has been said about this position since Scholes has been in such spectacular form this season, but we’re woefully short of cover in this critical position.

Looking at options world wide, Kaka would of course be the ideal fit. He expressed admiration for the old trafford atmosphere, and even though he recently got married and got his Italian passport, it might be well worth the risk of breaking the bank to get him. He’s one addition that’ll make this squad complete. and devastatingly menacing.

If that doesn’t materialise, I believe we have a ready made option just as good. His name’s Wayne Rooney. Let’s think about it from another perspective. We’re looking for the following qualities in an attacking midfielder to replace Scholes:

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2. Best Manchester United formation?

his season, Manchester United has tried to play quite a few formations. No prizes for guessing the man masterminding these formations – Carlos Queiroz. Sometimes the change in formation was awful (negative 4-5-1 in Europe), but sometimes they left us with some sweet memories (4-2-3-1 in Europe).

Lets have a look at these formations, and which would suit the team more depending on the signings Manchester United make this summer.

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