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Can Kaka bring attractive football to Stamford Bridge?



Kaka’s assistant is quoted as saying:

“Real Madrid offered €90m last summer and Milan did not even think about the bid. This time is different. This is the first time we feel that a deal will definitely happen. Because of the [financial] situation Milan are in at the moment, the deal is good for all parties involved.

The move would represent a significant increase in Kaka’s salary, on top of the 10% transfer fee that goes straight to the player anyway – some €15m. Chelsea are the club to be at right now. They are building a team to win everything.”

So – one, Milan are selling to settle debts, two, Kaka is going to be highest-paid player at Chelsea, three, Kaka’s contract with Milan has a clause that gives him 10% of his transfer fee and four, Chelsea’s buy-win-everything philosophy has a certain to charm to those who stand to make a profit by being bought.

Despite my views on his ‘accolades’ last year, Kaka is a very talented footballer and the thought of seeing in the Premier League is exciting, albeit a bit nerve-wracking as well since he’s not playing for my team. If Chelsea can help pay Milan’s debts and if Kaka has no problems with moving to London, props to all parties and there’s no need to criticise the deal (wages or transfer fees) or the fact that this will increase their wage bill, increase the loan Abramovich has given Chelsea and make the squad a bit bloated (no matter, Obi Mikel can still play the domestic cup games).

If he moves, I can’t wait to see him in action next season. And with him, Deco and Joe Cole in Chelsea’s squad, perhaps we’ll see the silky football the billionaire owner wants?