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Can ex-Newcastle Bramble save Wigan from relegation?



Here’s the absolutely random question of the day – with Titus Bramble moving to Wigan (after being unceremoniously jettisoned from Newcastle by Sam Allardyce at the tender age of 25), will he save Wigan from relegation next season?

Or will he push them towards it?

Bramble made his share of mistakes at Newcastle, but he’s not as bad as his critics have made him out to be. What is certain is that he does not belong in a top-four side, which is what Newcastle are trying to be.

But while Bramble may not be suitable for Newcastle, is he good enough for Wigan? Personally I think he’s a capable defender who CAN improve on his concentration and decision-making if he’s given time and isn’t harassed mercilessly by the press. At Wigan he just might get to stay out of the media spotlight for long enough to recover that spark that saw Newcastle spend 5 mil on him.

However, if it comes down to the last day of the season next year like it did this year, would Wigan fans want Bramble protecting the keeper?

I think Bramble can do well, but it’s going to take a lot of effort from him. Till then, Wigan fans can only hope.