Blackburn isn’t good enough for David Beckham, no matter what Hughes says

It is not mere coincidence that Mark Hughes was asked the David Beckham question this week, considering that Manchester United visit Ewood Park tomorrow and Beckham is a former United player.

To be fair to Hughes, he’s not said that Blackburn are interested in him. In fact, his statement is quite matter of fact, diplomatic even. The Sun reporter asked him two leading, loaded questions and Hughes gave smart answers to both – doesn’t matter much though as the media has spun this as Blackburn showing interest in Beckham when it’s certainly not true.

First question – would Blackburn be interested in buying Becks?

Hughes answers:

“I think everybody would be interested in David Beckham. I am sure if he came on the open market, there would be a few people in the queue for him. He is an exceptional talent and has been for a long time.”

Second question – is Blackburn attractive enough to bring in big players like Beckham?

Hughes answers:

“There were a few in for Craig Bellamy and we got him.”

Apart from insulting his former Manchester United team-mate by comparing him to Bellamy (who is good, but not in the same class), Hughes has said nothing to indicate that Blackburn are interested in David Beckham. And that’s a good thing, because he’s too good to go there 🙂

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