Blackburn 0-1 Manchester United: Match Videos

Ferguson called it a gutsy win, and indeed, I think Manchester United would have lost if we had this game last season. In fact, Manchester United DID lose such games last season, or draw them at best.

The fact that we kept our calm at the back and were good enough to score from one of the many chances we had means that we’re 3 points clear of Chelsea and barring a sensational collapse against Sheffield United we should be going into the 26 Nov clash as Prem leaders, albeit out of the League Cup.

If you had offered that to Ferguson – heck, to any Manchester United fan – at the start of the season, he’d have taken you up on it gleefully. The Cup’s important, but what’s more important is that we started well, and that we’re doing reasonably well in the Champions League too.

But where are my manners? Here are three clips from the Blackburn – Manchester United game. The first is the goal, a wonderful effort by Giggs to pull the ball back for Saha, who did another one of his acrobatic turns to tap the ball in. It’s not easy to do what Saha or Giggs did although they made it look very simple.

The second is the Tugay kick on Ronaldo – it’s probably the only incident where Riley (pantomime villain along with Ronaldo for today) got it wrong, so you can’t really complain. A definite yellow card, although a red would have been harsh. Props to you Riley for getting things right today.

The third is a Ronaldo special – he picks up the ball just inside Manchester United’s half, skins Neill and then runs towards the Blackburn goal, dodges another defender and then shoots. It fizzes wide, but those few seconds showed that Ronaldo is not just a diving prick, he’s also a winger of considerable talent. He can stay on his feet when he wants to, and let’s hope he keeps doing that.

That’s it for the intros – enjoy the vids, and comment on them as well.

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