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The Best Virtual Horse Racing NFTs to Invest in 2022



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Although NFTs were initially used as a way to represent ownership of digital art, their utility has expanded dramatically over the past year, opening up pathways to digitize many industries. The horse racing industry is the latest to experience a transition to the blockchain, with numerous metaverse platforms launching that offer compelling P2E elements. 

With that in mind, this article will review the best virtual horse racing NFTs in 2022, highlighting their gameplay features and future potential. 

The Best Virtual Horse Racing NFTs for 2022 

Presented below are four of the best horse racing NFTs this year – each of which will be discussed in the following section: 

  1. SilksOverall Best Horse Racing NFT 
  2. DeRace – Exciting Horse Racing NFT Project with Passive Income Potential 
  3. Zed Run – Popular Virtual Horse Racing NFT Platform 
  4. Oly Sport – New NFT Project with Esport Features

A Closer Look at the Best Virtual Horse Racing NFTs 

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the projects listed above, exploring what they are and how they operate: 

1. Silks – Overall Best Horse Racing NFT Project

Although there are numerous options within this exciting area of the market, our pick for the best NFT to invest in is Silks. Silks is an upcoming NFT project that looks to be the world’s first play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse powered by the real world of thoroughbred horse racing. 


What sets Silks apart from the other projects mentioned in this article is that Silks does not utilize fictional horses. Instead, the Silks metaverse allows players to own virtual horses that directly correspond to a real thoroughbred racehorse. These Silks Horses are structured as NFTs, meaning that as each crop of one-year-old racehorses (also known as “yearlings”) are registered each year in the U.S., they can be easily ported to Silks metaverse. 

This approach means that each digital Silks Horse will track the lineage, development, and productivity of its real-world counterpart. In turn, this provides the basis for Silks’ compelling P2E features, as whenever a physical horse wins a race in the real world, the owner of its corresponding Silks Horse will receive a reward. 

As stated in Silks’ whitepaper, these rewards will be distributed in $STT – Silks’ native token. Along with racing, Silks horse owners will also earn rewards through the platform’s innovative breeding and staking mechanisms. There’s even scope for players to trade Silks Horses on the secondary market and benefit from value appreciation. 


Silks first NFT offering will be its Silks Genesis Avatar Collection which is set to drop at the end of this April. Silks Avatars are crucial components of the project as they will serve to represent each player’s unique identity and the ownership of their in-game assets within the Silks metaverse. They will also provide their holders with additional benefits including airdrops, exclusive rewards, and guaranteed access to the Silks Horse Mint later this summer. The opportunity to get early access to the Silks Genesis Avatar Mint is now being offered on the Silks website, silks.io

Aside from owning Silks Horses and Avatars, players will also be able to purchase plots of virtual land and stables, both of which are represented as NFTs within the Silks metaverse. Players can use their land to develop horse farms and stables, which are necessary for housing and maintaining Silks Horses. 

Ultimately, the information presented above simply scratches the surface in terms of Silks’ potential. The platform’s unique ‘derivative gaming’ approach looks set to appeal to novices and industry experts alike, helping drive Silks’ growth as we progress through 2022. 


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated assets.

2. DeRace – Exciting Horse Racing NFT Project with Passive Income Potential 

Another NFT project that has been attracting attention is DeRace. DeRace is a blockchain-based horse racing platform that allows players to purchase and breed virtual horses represented as NFTs. Like Silks, the DeRace platform incorporates various P2E gameplay features that will enable players to produce income through skilled gameplay.  


DeRace’s players can trade their virtual horses on the secondary market for $DERC – the platform’s transactional token. These horses can also participate in virtual races, which are decided by RNG technology. Finally, players can even own hippodromes and generate passive income when races occur on their property. 

3. Zed Run – Popular Virtual Horse Racing NFT Platform 

Zed Run is a popular NFT game hosted on the Polygon blockchain that prides itself on being fair and transparent. The horses on the Zed Run platform are all derived from fictional bloodlines, each containing different rarity levels. Zed Run’s horses also incorporate various ‘genotypes’ that determine their purity and speed. 


By owning horses within Zed Run’s platform, players can enter them into virtual races, with multiple classes on offer that ensure a fair chance of winning. Zed Run even includes an in-depth breeding mechanism, complete with a Stud Farm where players can look for the perfect match for their virtual horse. 

4. Oly Sport – New NFT Project with Esport Features 

Rounding off our list of the best virtual horse racing NFTs is Oly Sport. Oly Sport is a metaverse platform that allows players to purchase and own horses and land – both of which are structured as NFTs. Like the other entries on our list, players can breed and race their virtual horses to earn rewards in $OLY. 


One of the fundamental features of Oly Sport is that the platform has a built-in Esport system, where races are determined by RNG and are completely transparent. Oly Sport also has plans for a dedicated mobile app, racing tournaments, breeding mechanisms, and more. 


To conclude, this article has examined five of the best virtual horse racing NFTs to consider investing in, highlighting why these projects are generating so much buzz across various media channels. 

Our pick for the best NFT for 2022 within this area is Silks, thanks to the project’s novel ‘derivative gaming’ approach. 

Thanks to this approach, players can monetize their expertise and in-game activities in an exciting way – helping the Silks platform stand out from the pack in this flourishing area of the NFT market. 


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated assets.