Best ‘Super Sick Monday’ Excuses As 16 Million Expected To Skip Work After Super Bowl 2023

superbowl party1
superbowl party1

Super Bowl 2023 fever is here as the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Kansas City Chiefs at the State Farm Stadium in Arizona, but after the Sunday’s match there’s likely to be a ‘fever’ of a different kind sweeping American with over 16million people expected to skip work on Monday.

Super Sick Monday Will See Over 16 Million Americans Off Work 

The day after the night before for Super Bowl fans now even has it’s own name, step forward ‘Super Sick Monday‘ – a day that employers around America might want to unplug the office phone.

Yes, the Monday morning phone call to the boss, the day after the Super Bowl, to report a phantom illness has been on the rise in recent years and Feburary 13, 2023 is expected to be no different.

Okay, around half of the 16 million people that won’t be in work across America the day after Super Bowl LVII, would have done the decent thing and pre-booked the day off, but that still leaves about 8 million people that will be plotting their ‘Super Sick Monday’ sickie excuses as you read this.

With that in mind – and if you are one of the expected 8 million – here are a few silly suggestions to get your sickie senses flowing.

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Five Ridiculous ‘Super Sick Monday’ Excuses to Tell Your Employer After Super Bowl 2023

1. My House Is Haunted

When watching Super Bowl 2023, we heard some strange noises in the basement and it turns out we’ve got a poltergeist, so I’m having to spend today ringing round ghost hunters.

2. I Think I’m Pregnant (only applies to females)

At first, I thought it was that I ate too much pizza and mac ‘n’ cheese on Sunday when watching the Super Bowl – however, it turns out my increased belly size is because I’m pregnant and the baby is actually due today. As a result, I’m going to need the today off and also the next 6 months as maternity leave.

3. I Washed All My Pants At Once

I wasn’t with it last night and, when doing my weekly clothes wash, I accidently picked up ALL of my pants and washed the lot. Meaning unfortunately they’ve not had time to dry – it’s February and cold so I can’t wear shorts, so, as a result, I can’t come into the office in just my underwear.

4. I Forgot – I’m Getting Married Today

It’s been on my ‘to do list’ for several months now at work, but I’ve been meaning to tell you that it’s actually my wedding day today. Yes, I know it’s a strange day to get married, but it worked out cheaper. Oh, I might also need a few weeks on top of today as I’ll be off on my honeymoon tomorrow too.

5. My Car Exhaust Has Fallen Off Overnight

I was up bright and early today, having gone to bed at 8pm last night (add in for extra impact: I don’t like American Football and didn’t watch the Super Bowl), only to walk out to the car and find the exhaust has fallen off. Unfortunatley, I don’t own a bicycle and have also twisted my ankle, so I can’t ride or even walk into work today.


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