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Benitez: Liverpool directors know nothing about football



I like Rafa – I’ve defended him in the past when even the Liverpool fans had turned on him – but he can be terribly transparent when it comes to manipulating the press.

So when he says:

“The last year at Liverpool I had directors who knew nothing about football and you couldn’t talk about football with them. My relationship with president Moratti is good, he is a man who knows his football.”

You have to realise that Rafa Benitez was the one who had Rick Parry (director for all but the last year of Rafa’s reign at Liverpool) removed in a power play at the end of the 08/09 season where he won a brand new contract on the back of a brief but stirring title challenge. That, coupled with the financial difficulties that the club was in (which might have been alleviated if Rafa had done his job and bought better / led his team better) demanded that the club management was more focused on fixing the house and not footballing tactics.

Also, this more or less points to Rafa’s grievances at being denied transfer funds in the summer of 2009, and that would mean that Rafa’s definition of ‘talking about football’ would be asking for more money for transfers and being asked in return about his previous transfer spending. By that reasoning, anyone who questions Rafa doesn’t know their football.

I only jest, but you can see where Rafa’s coming from. Kicking Liverpool is easy, and Rafa has a new reputation to build, but maybe he should state all the facts, and not just the ones he’s made up?