Bellamy in trouble, again

The Wales international is alleged to have assaulted 19-year-old Sophie Palmer and 20-year-old Holly Smith during a night out in Cardiff city centre during the early hours of February 5 this year.

Prosecutor Mike Hammett told Cardiff magistrates court that the alleged altercation happened as Bellamy was walking in a corridor at the No 10 nightclub at about 2am. Mr Hammett said Bellamy collided with Miss Palmer as she walked in the opposite direction, and “words were exchanged”. Bellamy is said to have then grabbed Miss Palmer’s friend, Holly Smith, by the wrist and called her a “cunt”.

Full report here.

Whether she’s a cunt or not, and whether she’s telling the truth or not, is irrelevant.

What’s a shame is that this sorta stuff happens more often than we’d like to admit, and if Bellamy hadn’t been rich brat in the media spotlight we’d never have heard of this one either.

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