Bayern play the c*** in United’s bid for Hargreaves

Hargreaves wants to go to Manchester United. Manchester United are willing to pay a lot of money to Bayern, which could then be used to bring in 2-3 good players. It’s a good deal for Bayern, a good deal for Hargreaves, and an ‘ok’ deal for Manchester United as well.

So what are Bayern, or more specifically Rummenigge, sniffing?

On one hand, it is understandable that Bayern Munich are pissed off at the media’s interest in the Manchester United-Hargreaves situation, and that Bayern are being constantly pestered for their position.

But Bayern, as a club, have been absolute cunts in this whole situation.

They broke off negotiations with Manchester United and threatened to report them to FIFA for tapping up their player. Let’s forget about the “we’ve spoken to Ruud and he wants to join us” statements, shall we Bayern?

Here’s what Rummenigge said:

“We thought about what to do if we got a good offer, but only the finance minister would be happy.

Even if we got 30m euros we can only get the tax back on contracts, so we will not sell Hargreaves.”

To translate, even if Manchester United pay 30m euros, there will no ‘tax rebate’, so they don’t want to pay tax on the money they will be getting, for free.

It gets better.

“Thirty millions euros over four years is 7.5m euros each year and that means we have 22.5m euros the first year and we have to pay tax on that.

So Hargreaves will not be going.”

Here’s what I don’t get – United are willing to pay a LOT of money to get Hargreaves. Bayern, who signed Hargreaves on a long-term contract, will have to pay him a lot of money every year, regardless of whether he plays or not. They never bought him as he came through their youth system.

So the question is – If you were asked to ‘not pay’ 21 mil euros to a player in the next 3 years, and instead take 30 mil euros for that player in exchange, what level of a cunt do you have to be to complain about taxes?

Rummenigge – at least have the balls to tell the truth. That you don’t want to be seen as a selling club, that despite the fact that Hargreaves is not first choice in Bayern’s midfield anymore, you will hold on to him because you couldn’t bring in any big names last summer. Bitching about taxes is so childish.

And while we’re on the subject, why is Manchester United still after Hargreaves? Possibly because that are few midfielders around who would fit in with the profile of player Ferguson’s looking for. With David Jones out on his way, Manchester United will need to buy a midfielder this January or next summer – and with Bayern playing the cunt, we might have to start looking elsewhere.

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