Bayern Munich madness & Manchester United myths

Keith writes to Soccerlens about Bayern Munich’s childish behaviour and the various BS myths surrounding Manchester United.

As a fan of Bayern Munich the last year and a half has been maddening to say the least.

We lost our captain to money bags Chelsea simply because the club hierarchy had disrespected him one too many times (Anyone remember claims that Ballack was not as good as they had thought when they bought him by none other than Herr Beckenbauer himself?). To make this worse they let our best young midfielder, Trochowski go for nothing to Hamburg. Yet he was probably the one Ballack replacement we had left.

As for Hargreaves, we have mistreated the on player who was the very embodiment of past Bayern greats like Effenberg and Mathaeus (No jokes!. Mathaeus said the lad was better than him!). Benched him for seasons on end. Now he wants to move: They don’t want to sell, claiming “He is what they need”. Yeah right.

By adding Van Bommel and having Jeremies, Diesler and Magath’s first choice defensive midfielder Demechelis around who are they trying to kid when they say they need Hargreaves or he will even get a game? FC Hollywood are unfortunately back to what they know best. Childishness. They turned on an agreed deal with Manchester United for Hargreaves just because “They don’t want to look like a club that sells to English teams” and simply because they couldn’t get Van Nisterlrooy because they were not convincing enough. Typical!

As for Manchester United – if you live down here in Africa, where I do and are a supporter/sympathizer of United, the local soccer pundits, far much more than the international ones would drive you totally insane! They come up with pronouncement after pronouncement, that United are broke (i.e. have NO money for transfers), will not be signing anyone this transfer window, United are weaker without Van Nisterlrooy, need to replace him and Fergie is simply taking the club backwards by not winning the premiership in 3 seasons, and kicking out Ruud and Keane. Puhlease!

Myth One: Manchester United have no money! Someone then explain to me spending 18 million on Carrick and then chasing Hargreaves and Senna. He is just the new Veron. Just destined to be much more successful in a red shirt.

Myth two: Fergie is taking the club backward. I would like to know how coming second in a league where Manchester United gave Chelsea a run for their money is taking a club backward. Especially playing with a striker, a left winger, a center back and the inexperienced but committed Fletcher in midfield. Where “better teams” like Liverpool and Arsenal blessed with such personnel as Alonso, Gerard, Silva and Fabregas respectively couldn’t do the same.

More still even Keane admits it’s his mouth that kicked him out of OT (In a year he was retiring anyway and by ranting had lost the support of the dressing room). As for Ruud? He lost the pace for some reason after January, along with the desire to work hard on the pitch or fight for his place. When he looked off color and Saha deservedly got his place. What did he prefer to do? Sulk and insult Ronaldo over his late father. Thus when push came to shove; this summer Fergie had to choose between the two of them; and his choice I tell you was damn easy! Just remember the World Cup Ruud!

Myth three: United will miss Ruud. Who told you? Without a midfield of the caliber of Arsenal or Barcelona, a striker who didn’t work for his chances would never survive at Manchester United. Carrick and Hargreaves which looked like United’s next midfield undoubtedly would function best with a Saha/ Rooney combo because of their passing style of through balls and balls into channels.

Face it: Manchester United were one dimensional with Ruud in the side since Beck’s and Veron’s departure. But with Saha they are as dangerous as in 99. 10 goals in 3 games is testament to that (Despite only Fletcher and O’shea being behind the forward line). Besides one can not honestly tell me a fully fit Saha, Solksjaer and Smith coupled with Rooney plus Rossi coming back from Newcastle and Dong to come in January (and maybe someone else before Aug 31st for the Champion’s league) strike-force is not one of the best in the league.

Myth four: Last but not least! Ruud won’t be replaced. Talk of stating the obvious. Where on Earth will you find an upgraded version of the greatest goal scorer United has had since Dennis Law? No where! You just sign alternatives. Just like United had to when Cantona left. You almost never replace greats. You just get alternatives and new stars i.e. Saha! You can quote me on that!

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