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Barton’s Cigar Did WHAT?



You keep hearing about how Joey Barton stubbed a lit cigar in the face of a team-mate (way back in 2004 – someone should have caught a hint then), right? Well, the player who got ‘poked’, Jamie Tandy, is now suing Barton for causing “major psychiatric deterioration” which ultimately forced him out of the game at the top level.

I thought it was lack of talent, career threatening injuries, jealous ex-girlfriends with a pair of shears – that sort of stuff – that ‘ultimately force a player out of the game’?

The lawyers (enjoying their 60 seconds):

“Mr Tandy is a client of ours and we are in the process of launching civil proceedings.

As a result of the assault by Joey Barton our client has suffered a major psychiatric deterioration in his health that has destroyed any chance he may have had of playing professional football at a high level.

Understandably this is a high-profile case and at this stage we are unable to comment further.”

The kicker? Tandy broke his leg while playing on loan with a Danish club and was subsequently released by Manchester City. I’m betting the cigar tripped him (causing him to break his leg) and then threatened the entire Manchester City with another ‘in-your-face’ moment until they kicked Tandy out of the club?

Glory. Fucking. Hunter. Not you Tandy, the person who’s advising you to take this course of action….