Barcelona To Hold Presidential Elections On A Stupid Technicality?

Power corrupts, but the greed for power drives men to do absolutely anything and everything to bring down the opposition.

For Barcelona it may not be that dramatic, but reading about how, on the appeal of 3 club members, a Spanish judge had decided that the club should hold immediate elections because thanks to a technicality Laporta had already served his term makes me wonder why our legal system is so bent on following the letter of the law and not in using logic and sense?

Ok, enough philosophy for today. Here’s the bottom line:

According to the club’s statutes the year runs from July to June, and as Laporta was elected to the post on June 16, 2003 the period before the end of that month constituted his first year in office.

Laporta’s four-year term would therefore have expired on June 30 this year.

So if he had been sworn in on 1 July, he would have been fine, right?

Probably nothing will come out of this and Barcelona will hold the re-election next year, but this is my opportunity to call these people out for the bloody idiots they are.

On the other hand, a re-election for Barcelona would be add spice to the already interesting transfer season. Will Barcelona move for Lampard or Torres? Will they launch a last-minute bid for Nesta?

You never know what stupid things the Spanish league will make up next…

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