Barcelona, Bartomeu and Rosell to stand trial for €12m tax fraud in the Neymar deal



Judge Pablo Ruz after completing his investigation on the transfer deal of Neymar Junior has decided to send Barcelona’s president Bartomeu and ex-president Sandro Rosell and the club itself for “crimes against public tax agency” and “dishonest” management. 

According to reports from AS, Barcelona camp tried to make a last ditch attempt to stop the investigation proceedings. Barcelona camp claimed that the events took place in Spain and hence the case should be heard by the local court in Barcelona, rather than the High Court. 

During the court proceedings, Rosell and Bartomeu were called before the judge after being charged, while Neymar’s father was also kept as witness. 

After investigation, Judge Ruz has found the parties guilty of tax-evasion. 

The Judge found evidence of irregularities in the signing, and the tax, thought to be around €12m, which should been taxed in Spain, was never paid at all.

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