Bad Coaching Cost Americans World Cup Glory

For starters I want to say congratulations to Brazil and Germany for making to the final of the Womens World Cup (which plays on Sunday). They deserve it; the Brazilians outplayed the US in today’s semifinal match and deserve their place at a shot for the title. Now on to the horrible coaching job by US Coach Greg Ryan.

Two days prior to the biggest game thus far for the US Women’s National Team, Coach Ryan decided to bench his starting keeper that had only allowed 2 goals in the tournament. Those goals were scored in the first game of the group stage, and Hope Solo, arguably the world’s best female keeper, had not conceded a goal in 300 minutes.

So why bench her for a cold and aging Brianna Scurry? Great question. Coach Ryan said that past performances against the Brazilians factored into his decision. With all due respect Coach, the past is just that. The past. You have cost Hope a chance to prove herself as a force in the world because of the past.

Another bonehead move came when the US was down by 2 goals and Coach Ryan substituted and added defensive players. This case should have been a prime example to put more offensive minded players to press the Brazilians, but this was not the case and it cost the US a chance to win their 3rd World Cup.

Again I want to give credit where credit is due, and the Brazilians deserve to be in the final with Germany. It should be a great match with the athleticism of Brazil and the aggressive nature of the defending World Champions. My guess is Germany wins 3-2 in a hard fought match.

Coach Ryan, please do the US Fans a favor and quit trying to be “The Greatest Coach Ever” by making stupid decisions, stick with what works and let the results give you that title…if you deserve it.

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