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Babe Of The World Cup – 28th June



Continuing with our “babe of the world cup” competition (you can catch the previous entry here), we have chosen Brazil today.

The idea that Brazil will win this year’s World Cup has had an air of inevitability around it, with their arrogance and ability to win despite looking shaky and strained at the back.

In fact, it’s their fighting spirit and quality of football that we have chosen to…well, ignore…today, and we have decided to look at the very reason Brazil is the most supported team in the whole world (hint – it’s really not because they are 5-time champs):

Yes, you’re right. Brazil has the best fans, period.

Brazilian fans are the best.

With Brazil in such perfect form, it’s hard not to get excited…

Brazilian fans are just too good.

They’ll win one more time, you say?