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10 Things You Should Know About England v. Algeria

Round 2 of the group stage has officially begun, if you want to call it that. With Mexico beating France this afternoon, things are...

Japan vs Cameroon – 10 interesting facts you should know

Tomorrow Cameroon and Japan go head to head in a battle of a pretty tough group E. Here are some things you might not have known about the two sides.

Netherlands vs. Denmark – 10 interesting facts you should know

The Netherlands and Denmark kick off the action tomorrow morning (or afternoon, depending on what part of the world you live in) so let’s take a look into both sides before making and assumptions about either team.

World Cup Facts: Individual Achievements

Whether you're a die hard fan who calls in sick to work just to watch your team play, or you're a casual fan who...

World Cup Facts: Longest Streaks

Whether you’re a die hard fan who will lay down in the street and wait to be run over and killed when your team...

All-Time World Cup Facts

Whether you're a die hard fan whose heart breaks a little when one of your friends chooses Manchester United over Liverpool to support (it...

Random Facts About The 2009/2010 Premier League Season

A belated congratulations to Chelsea for winning the Premier League, but I've been a bit under the weather recently so I haven't had a...

History 101: Uruguay 1930

Today I realized that the most anticipated sporting event in the world is approaching in just one, lousy, unbearably long month. No, it’s not...

Chelsea To Win The Premier League?

I haven't done this in a while, but since the season is winding down I thought it would be interesting to once again take...

10 Losses Later…

What can I really say that hasn't been said about Liverpool's season? It's been a terrible year and things are looking bleak for the...

Footballers as Christmas Characters

With Christmas season in full swing and a completely, utterly depressing past few weeks of sports news for me, (Roy Halladay being traded to...

Rafael Benitez is Scrooge

A Christmas Carol is quite possibly the best Christmas story ever. It teaches us that life isn't all about being successful and wealthy and...