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Chelsea’s bad run still leaves them in pole position

3 points in 4 games is not what Chelsea supporters have come to expect in the past couple of years. This is not a pleasant moment to be a supporter of Chelsea but, although there are few positives to be taken from the last 3 weeks, it’s not all bad news.

Chelsea Benefit From Lampard’s Continued Absence

It was today confirmed by Carlo Ancelotti that Frank Lampard will be out for a further 2 or 3 weeks despite reports that he’d...

Who do Chelsea really owe their current success to?

“Scolari reckons that Chelsea’s success is all down to him”, “Scolari insists that Chelsea’s current domination of England is thanks to him” and “I made Chelsea Great!” are ludicrous statements from a number of newspapers this morning. However unfounded the headlines from various newspapers were this morning; they do raise an interesting question. How much, or little, have Chelsea’s previous 6 managers, in the last 7 years, contributed to the current success of the club?

Chelsea’s Greatest Signings under Roman Abramovich

Chelsea have made approximately 50 signings since the take-over of Roman Abramovich. About £470 million (and William Gallas) has been spent on these players...

Chelsea’s Worst Signings Under Roman Abramovich

Chelsea have made approximately 50 signings since the take-over of Roman Abramovich. About£470 million (and William Gallas) has been spent on these players – that averages out at just over £9 million (and one of Gallas’ hands) per player. Taking money spent, time consumed, bad memories and general disappointment into account, here is a list of the 10 worst signings of Abramovich’s ownership.

Victory, Subs, Returners, Youth and Problems for Chelsea

Today marked a unspectacular, yet satisfying, victory for Chelsea. The overall performance aside, the day marked some great displays by some of Chelsea's least-mentioned players.

Hope for Chelsea’s strugglers: 5 Chelsea players who started slowly

The pressure for new players to make instant impacts for big clubs, like Chelsea, is unquestionable. Whilst trying to impress the new manager, players...

Chelsea’s Most Crucial Players

Prior to the employment of Carlo Ancelotti several people, like Sir Alex Ferguson, were dooming Chelsea because of their ageing squad. It is certainly...

Why I’d Choose Ancelotti over Mourinho

Everyone can admire the achievements of Jose Mourinho but, as a Chelsea supporter, I can honestly say that if I was given the opportunity to have any of the men who have managed Chelsea reinstated then he would be bottom of my list. I would, without doubt, choose to keep Ancelotti.