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Vincent is a freelance writer from London. He watches a lot of football...and then writes about it. You can follow him on Twitter @VincentRalph1 and read more of his writing on his blog www.thegoalgallery.wordpress.com.

Ryan Giggs and Frank Lampard: What does their treatment say about their clubs?

With Ryan Giggs playing for Manchester United into his fortieth year, it appears increasingly strange that Frank Lampard is almost certainly leaving Chelsea
Wesley Sneijder

The curious case of Wesley Sneijder

From being one of the best just two years ago, Wesley Sneijder has been outcast at Inter and seems to be heading to Galatasary for only £10 million.

Has anyone seen Arsene Wenger?

Arsene Wenger no longer bears any resemblance to the man who brought innovation and invincibility to North London.

Steve Clarke – From the shadows to the Champions League?

Steve Clarke spent years assisting managers, quietly watching miracles and mistakes while taking none of the credit or blame.  But today, as his West...

The return of Hernandez and Suarez

In many ways, last season was one best forgotten for Hernandez and Suarez. This season, however, is different, much different.

Is it time to say goodbye to the Europa League?

For many clubs, the Europa League is something to endure. They qualify, and almost instantly they wish they hadn’t.

Why Guardiola will never sign for Abramovich

Having left arguably the best job in the world, Guardiola was rested and ready for that new challenge he’s been talking about.

AVB – All Past, No Future?

When Andre Villas-Boas first took over at Chelsea, if you had played spot the difference between him and the previous Portuguese incumbent of the...

Paul Pogba – Manchester United’s Missing Link

Four wins from Manchester United’s first four Champions League games meant a rest for some and a chance for others last night. After their early...

The Night That Made Mourinho

Every legacy has a starting point… and Mourinho's was on Tuesday, 9th March 2004 when his Porto beat Man Utd 3-2 on aggregate in the last 16 of the Champions League.

Whatever happened to John Bostock?

Four years ago, 16-year-old John Bostock moved from Crystal Palace to Tottenham Hotspur for pennies.  At least that’s what then Eagle’s chairman Simon Jordan...

Should Chelsea call time on Terry and Cole?

In recent years, Chelsea players have done more than most to create both back and front page headlines for all the wrong reasons - in part thanks to Terry.